I wanted to let everyone know that I have a new site! I am excited to present to you:

Snuggleosophy Logo
Snuggleosophy. When all else fails, you’ve gotta have Snuggles!

This is a website that I have been thinking about creating for a while. While I loved this blog, I always felt like I wanted to do something different. I am an expat and I like to blog about my experiences in Chile, but I am not a “travel blogger.”  I had a few ideas for articles every now and then, but the drive to write them just wasn’t there.

However, within the last year, a new inspiration was born: My daughter, Amanda.
Amanda 6 months
Amanda, 6 months old

She is the best thing that has happened to me, and since she was born, she has quickly become my best friend. I love watching her grow and develop her beautiful personality. Every day with her is a new adventure, and I have learned and grown a lot since becoming her mom.

My love of writing has never failed me. It fuels my creativity, and the more I am able to write and create, the happier I am. Since I have had so many problems in the past with anxiety, it helps to have a creative outlet that allows me to express myself in a constructive manner.

When I had Amanda, I kept thinking about how confusing everything was. Trying to meld two cultures and two languages into one comprehensive parenting technique is difficult to say the least! Throw in a job and some post-partum anxiety/depression, and you have a recipe for disaster!

PPD is a long, hard road.

I struggled in the first few months of motherhood with my emotions, hormones, and just trying to keep myself together. One day, Felipe, my husband asked me why I don’t write anymore. I didn’t really have a good reason aside from the fact that I was just feeling tired and depressed all the time. I don’t want to just become one of those “mom-bloggers,” I told him.

Well, it turns out that my sister also recently graduated college and got married. Due to a back injury, she is unable to work. This, naturally, put her in a funk and she needed something to lift her out of her rut as well.

As it turns out, being a mom-blogger was the opportunity I had been looking for all along.

My sister, Meghan, graduated top of her class in Early Childhood Education and she is fluent in American Sign Language. I am an expatriate, bilingual parent of a rambunctious toddler. If there isn’t a gimmick there, then we aren’t trying hard enough!

The truth is, that while I love writing and creating a website, I needed some help getting more content out there and helping to maintain the site and social media accounts. Having Meghan by my side, creating with me, has not just helped with creating content, it has brought us closer by working together toward a common goal.

Then, one day, we were talking and we thought it would be neat to bring our husbands into the mix. They thought we had a great idea and agreed, so now the four of us are working on Snuggleosophy! Things get tricky sometimes, but we have been able to work it out so far, and we are learning and growing together.

The four of us together at Meghan and Coreys wedding!

While the new site is destined to be a parenting website, Felipe and I plan to inject Chilean culture into the dialogue whenever possible! If you enjoyed some of my previous articles on this site, I am sure that you will find more to love on Snuggleosophy.

Right now, we have a posting schedule of every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We are also active on our social media accounts daily!

I invite you to join me on my bilingual, bicultural parenting journey! Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you would like to connect with me directly, I also have a personal account on Twitter and Instagram.

Last of all, I want to thank you, my readers.

Thank you being such wonderful, supportive people. Without this blog, I don’t think that I would have had the drive to create my new site. I hope that you will join us over on Snuggleosophy!

Red fireworks

Have a wonderful day and Happy 2018!