Never did I think a small hiatus to gather my senses would turn into almost a year and a half without writing. It is almost inconceivable how fast time passes by…and unfortunately, sometimes the things that we love and put so much time into get pushed aside along the way.

My last post…what a heartbreaker! How could I leave my darling blog off on such a depressing note with nary a response afterward?

So, what happened to me?

At the time of my last post, I was at a crossroads. The job that I had taken at the Ritz-Carlton Santiago turned out to be a terrible decision. I wound up being sexually harassed by my supervisor and kicked out (due to my complaints to human resources) in three months without even so much as a how do you do.

As much as that experience damaged me, I had a fortunate turn of events not too long thereafter. Through an online group called Chile Spouses, I found an advertisement for a job as an export coordinator at a business that imports and exports stainless steel materials. I applied, went through three interviews, and got the offer for the job the last day I worked at the Ritz.

It was a seamless transition, and to be honest, in many ways this job has been my saving grace. I have learned more in the last year than I think I would have in any other job I could have taken. Since university, I had always thought that I would work in an NGO or something similar. I never thought that I would have a knack for international business, but as it turns out I do! The business of export and import is dynamic and keeps me very busy.

As for my anxiety, unfortunately, my experiences at the Ritz-Carlton left me worn out and in another state of depression from which I still have not recovered. I suffer from panic attacks on a regular basis, and I am still having a lot of difficulty managing my stress levels. This has caused me to take a big step to hire a wellness coach and start a program to try to get my life back in order. I am optimistic and ready for an overhaul and an improvement to my well-being.

Let me say though, anxiety and happiness are separate entities. Overall, things have been great! I am incredibly happy with the life that I have created in Chile together with my husband, Felipe. So far, I have not been back to the US for over two years now, but we are hopefully going back for a trip soon.

Here we are! Ecstatic after a win from Chile in the Copa America!
Here we are! Ecstatic after a win from Chile in the Copa America!

That is a basic update, but more posts will come soon! There are so many things that I want to write about…if the blog-o-sphere would have me back, I would like to be a part of it again! I miss writing, and I came across a link to my blog the other day and realized just how much I missed my site. I don’t want this to be a forgotten project to be lost to the depths of the internet.

So, here I am back in business with some more rants, raves, and as always a little bit of everyday life.