Ahh, it has been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, I am officially back in Chile and living the ex-pat life again. It was an extraordinarily busy month in the US, and this week has been no different. To be honest, apart from not having the time to write while I was in the US, I didn’t want to either. I needed to spend more time with the family and whatnot. Writing can wait for that, I figure.

I have done enough packing and moving to last me a lifetime. After this next weekend, I plan on going nowhere for a very long time. No more suitcases! Down with suitcases!

First, I packed to go to the US (bare essentials, with an almost empty suitcase). Then, I had to pack up the apartment I had left in the US (A process that was daunting, but done easier than expected). Then, I had to sort through all of that stuff again in order to pack to live in Chile, and finally I had to try to fit it all in my five suitcases.

Trying to fit your life into suitcases is the worst. At first, I was only taking two big bags and one little carry on. That changed into three huge bags and two carry-ons. Costly? Yes, the airlines are really cracking down and discouraging that sort of packing. It was $75 for the second checked bag and $200 for the third. However, considering the cost that it would be to ship everything down here, it was worth it. I left quite a bit to be stored in the US, but it is mainly things that my sister would use for college in a couple of years, or just things that can wait until I come back up with an extra suitcase or someone feels nice enough to bring it to me.

After this last trip: 24 hours with 2 change overs...I am done for a while. You can come to me!  (Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org)
After this last trip: 24 hours with 2 change overs…I am done for a while. You can come to me!
(Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org)

This next weekend will be another packing adventure. After discussing it for a while, and considering what our options were, Felipe and I decided to get an apartment in Santiago. While I was away in the US, Felipe went, found, and applied for one for us. As of the 4th of June, we got the keys and are now officially home-renters! Woohoo! Once we are more moved in, I will see about posting some pictures. It is so beautiful, I can hardly stand it.

As wonderful as it is, it means that I have to go through another moving process. This time, it isn’t just me though. Felipe gets to move with me. I think it is a much more enjoyable process when you have someone to share it with. Not that packing is fun, but picking out furniture together, getting new things, and making a home with someone else is pretty cool.

Next week, once we are more settled in, I am filling out and sending in the paperwork for my residency visa. It won’t be too long before I get that long waited for stamp in my visa and a shiny new carnet (Chilean ID card). That process, hopefully, should go without a hitch.

There have been many topics, especially relating to my personal reverse culture shock experiences, that have been floating around my head. I am gonna try to set up an office space (we have an extra bedroom just for that!) and get to writing for real. Until then, it is great to be back and I hope that everyone is well!

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