Today as I woke up at 1 pm, I couldn’t help but think about how much I didn’t want today to start yet. It is cloudy, cold and to be honest, I could curl back up in bed and go to sleep and be perfectly happy.

Insomnia has been an ongoing problem for most of my life, but lately it has been ridiculous. I cannot fall asleep earlier than three or four in the morning…which unfortunately means that I sleep later and later in the day, cementing my terrible sleeping schedule.

Ok, I don't feel as bad as Grumpy Cat, but I'm not exactly cheery either.
Ok, I don’t feel as bad as Grumpy Cat, but I’m not exactly cheery either.

It’s not that I need to get up early, I mean, I don’t and can’t have a job right now. I just feel like the day is wasted. I went from having a 30 hour a week job and full time school to…nothing. I would like to get out of the house and go do something, but the question is: what? I would have to go alone because I don’t really have friends here still. The people that are around are either in school or working during the day, and by the time they get off, Felipe is home.

When I came down here as a student, I had built in friends in my study abroad program. Now, I’m kind of on my own, and I suck at making friends. I always have. It’s not an “oh poor me” thing. It is just a fact. My mom was worried about me when I was little. I am quiet and reserved until I really get to know someone. Then, the real Caitlin comes out.

I just need to make it through April…then I’ll have a month of crazy in the US while I am trying to organize everything to move here on a permanent basis. When I return, I will get my visa and a job. Then, I will be able to meet people and have a reason to get out of the house and not sleep until 1pm. I’m just having a really bad slump in the meantime.

My other problem now is that my tourist visa is expiring three days before I leave for the US. This is not an oversight. I was trying to plan my trip back so Felipe could take me to the airport and so that the weekends were free for family gatherings. This was to be remedied by a quick trip to Argentina for the weekend to reset the tourist visa.

Someone had to go throw the monkey wrench in. I was talking to some of the current study abroad students, and apparently Argentina changed its visa reciprocity policy in January of this year. Rather than only collecting the $160 fee from American tourists at the airports in Buenos Aires, they are now collecting it at ALL entries, be it land, sea or air.

Well, that’s a fee I wasn’t expecting. My other option is to apply for a tourist visa extension at the Extranjería in Santiago, but it costs around $100 still and it could be rejected. As Felipe says, it is better to get a trip out of it than paying for nothing. So, we are figuring out what we will do. I got my tax return, and it was $160 on the nose, so I think I’ll use that and think of it as making the government paying my reciprocity fee, which is only right.

Plus, God knows that getting me out of the house will probably do me some good. I need some sunshine and fresh air to cheer me up. Argentinian wine, steak, and chocolate might do that too.

Also, these last couple of weeks got a little busy…between getting sick, Easter (which was a three day event), getting Felipe sick, and my mother-in-law’s birthday, I was not able to do nearly as much translating as I wanted. I’m going to light a fire under my butt and get things rolling this next week. No excuses. Have a great weekend everyone!

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