I am not a stranger to experiment with various methods of beauty products. On the other hand, I am not extremely high maintenance when it comes to how I look. Usually my morning routine consists of a shower, blow drying my hair, mascara, lipstick and out the door. Since switching my routine from trying to cover every perceivable flaw to sticking to basics, I have found my skin thanks me, and I get to sleep in a little extra.

For my wedding, I decided that I would go a little more upscale. Quality beauty products, up-do, the whole nine-yards. Included in this was the process of putting on fake eyelashes. I am not talking about the ones that you can buy for $5 in any beauty salon or Walmart. I did the one where you sit for what seems like forever while a lady glues on eyelashes one by one. Yeah, it was quite a different experience. First they put little pieces of tape under your eyes and then every five minutes they shout “DON’T OPEN THEM” as they attach these eyelashes with glue the temperature of molten lava. Once they are finally done, they have to peel your eyelashes (false and real) off of the tape they have been effectively glued onto and poke them in place some more. When you are allowed to open your eyes, it feels totally alien and heavy.

From here, it pretty much looks like a torture process…it is. Pain is beauty?

They say that these eyelashes are supposed to last around 3 weeks. What the nice ladies don’t really tell you is what happens when they come off. For my wedding and about a week and a half after, the eyelashes looked nice. I didn’t even have to wear mascara to really look like I had it on. However, after that, the eyelashes started coming off. With my own eyelashes.

Why is this? Molten hot lava glue might be one reason. Rather than attaching the fake eyelashes just to the eyelid like I thought they had, the glue had seeped and attached them all the way along my REAL eyelashes. So, while the false ones were trying to come off, they took my real eyelashes with them or broke them off in the process. Let me tell you, I was not a happy camper in the least. Had I known I was going to pay to make my own eyelashes break and fall out…I would have saved my money and gone out for ice cream.

I also received bruises from the weight of the eyelashes all around my top eyelid. It hurt, looked ugly (not even mascara can help balding eyelids), and was all around irritating. I had to figure out what to do about it and save my eyelashes!!

At this point, I pretty much refused to go to the salon for professional removal. I already paid enough for the torture I had been put through, I didn’t want to spend more. My makeup remover was also making absolutely no progress in taking off the glue. So, I hit the google search for some hints and tips on how to get it off in a less expensive, more natural way.

Extra virgin olive oil was the solution I found. Not only to my eyelash problem, but to just about everything! Apparently it is the duct tape of the beauty world. You can use it as a moisturizer, shaving cream, conditioner, exfoliant if mixed with sugar, nails and cuticle cream, makeup remover, lip balm, dandruff treatment, hair growth serum…really this is the holy grail of beauty products, and you could douse yourself in it and come out looking like a young Audrey Hepburn.

My Savior!
My Savior!

Yeah, I wish. But, the facts are that it does have a substantial amount of vitamins A, E, K, and various antioxidants. Not to mention, it is probably the most natural thing you could put on your body. It’s also healthy and tasty to use it in food too, so it’s really a win-win no matter what.

For the next week, I religiously put olive oil on my eyelashes twice a day. I let the eyelashes slide off as they would naturally for fear of removing more of my own. The olive oil worked though, it released the glue little by little and after about a week, they all slid off. Unfortunately, the real eyelashes had been damaged quite a bit before I discovered this technique, so there was still quite a bit of loss. My eyes aren’t bald, which is a small blessing and with mascara, you can’t really tell very much. Now I am continuing to put olive oil on my eyelashes and lids to see if there is truth in the fact that it helps them grow back. In a few months time, my eyelashes should hopefully return to the state they were in before this fiasco.

My final thoughts: Fake eyelashes, as pretty as they seem to make your eyes are impractical and unnecessary. Not for a wedding. Not for everyday wear. Never again for me. My eyelashes were really pretty and thick before, but I had to fall victim to beauty peer pressure. Now, the eyelashes that are left are thin and sad looking. It was not worth the time, money, nor pain.

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