My name is Caitlin, I am from the US, but currently living in Chile. Why, you ask? Well, just about a month ago, I married my best friend in the world, Felipe, and he just so happens to be Chilean.

Currently, we are figuring out our living/visa situations, therefore, I am unfortunately unemployed at this stage in the game. Needing a hobby, I have decided (for the 3rd time in my life) to try and start and keep up a blog. I love to write, and lately I have been all about social media, so I figure that this time it might just work. Being in school and having a 3/4 time job were definitely cutting into time for a blog in the past, but now I figure I can give it another go.

This will not be a diary, nor a journal about my personal life. I will post some announcements and news that come about in my life, as it easier to explain in depth through a post here rather than through Facebook and Twitter, however, most of the time it won’t be. I might throw in some recipes and craft ideas that I try off of Pinterest. Maybe I will do a review of something now and then. I’m pretty open, and if I hit something good, I will stick to it. My goal right now is to get some creative juices flowing while I figure out where my life is going from here.

I’ve got a few topics already rattling around in my head, but I think one to two posts per week is what I will be going for at first, expanding from there if I have the chance, or if something major comes up. I am planning for my first real post to be tomorrow afternoon, and it is going to contain some exciting news!

So, stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy reading.


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