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Experiences of a Newlywed Gringa Living in Chile

Parenting in Chile — Introducing Snuggleosophy

I wanted to let everyone know that I have a new site! I am excited to present to you:

Snuggleosophy Logo
Snuggleosophy. When all else fails, you’ve gotta have Snuggles!

This is a website that I have been thinking about creating for a while. While I loved this blog, I always felt like I wanted to do something different. I am an expat and I like to blog about my experiences in Chile, but I am not a “travel blogger.”  I had a few ideas for articles every now and then, but the drive to write them just wasn’t there. Continue reading “Parenting in Chile — Introducing Snuggleosophy”

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Progression, Not Perfection

Since my last post about my anxiety problems, I decided to take action. Over the last eight weeks, I worked together with a wellness coach with the goal of creating a healthier environment for myself and being able to reduce my anxiety and panic attacks.

With the help of my wellness coach, Quentin Vennie, I was able to do just that. Continue reading “Progression, Not Perfection”

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The Grand Revival

Never did I think a small hiatus to gather my senses would turn into almost a year and a half without writing. It is almost inconceivable how fast time passes by…and unfortunately, sometimes the things that we love and put so much time into get pushed aside along the way.

My last post…what a heartbreaker! How could I leave my darling blog off on such a depressing note with nary a response afterward?

Continue reading “The Grand Revival”

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Five of the Most Difficult Things About Being an Expat

 Over the past 11 months that I have been living abroad, I have encountered a lot of difficulties. Lately, I have been encountering a few more, as life doesn’t seem to get any easier. I thought I would share with you what I believe to be the five most difficult things about being an expat. Continue reading “Five of the Most Difficult Things About Being an Expat”

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Why I Haven’t Changed my Last Name

I know there are some people out there on my Facebook wondering why I haven’t changed my last name on there. I got married, right? Continue reading “Why I Haven’t Changed my Last Name”

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My Battle Against the Chileans’ Version of Spicy

Picante = Spicy

This word in Chile and how it is used drives me crazy. If you look back on my post about the essential ingredients in Chile, nothing on that list would be considered spicy. There is a reason for that. Continue reading “My Battle Against the Chileans’ Version of Spicy”

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Manjar — God’s Delicious Gift to Chile

If you remember, last week I wrote a post entitled Essential Ingredients of the Chilean Kitchen. I am going to tell you now, I left one out. I felt that this ingredient deserved more than just a measly paragraph. It deserves its own post, a recipe book even.

That ingredient is called Manjar, pronounced Mawn-har. Continue reading “Manjar — God’s Delicious Gift to Chile”

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High Class Harassment

I mentioned in my last post that my experience working at the Ritz-Carlton Santiago was not a pleasant one by any means. Through much consideration, I have decided that the story should be told to a wider audience, if nothing else to get it out in the open. I have not told this to anyone outside of my family, but I feel that I must share it in order to move forward with the process of closure.

Continue reading “High Class Harassment”

My Battle With Anxiety, Part One

Between missing out on everything in the states, making new friends, trying to fit into a new lifestyle, managing a new job, and language/cultural barriers, living abroad can be a bitch sometimes.

When you add an anxiety disorder into the mix, things get downright complicated. Continue reading “My Battle With Anxiety, Part One”

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